Sunday, January 18, 2009

Forever Young

Today would have been Brandon's 16th birthday. No doubt it is a bittersweet day for the entire Crisp family, and especially Brandon's twin sister.

As the months and eventually years start to pass, Brandon will continue to be the kid we know from the pictures and stories of him - funny, competitive, a good friend, a loved son. When we will look back many years from now, Brandon will still be the smiling 15-year-old that touched our hearts and our lives, frozen in time. Forever young.

Though I still often pause to remember Brandon, it may be a while before I post again in this blog - I've said most everything that there is for me to say. I created this blog to record some of my own thoughts about how Brandon touched my life and the lives of others; maybe someday in the future someone will ask "Who was Brandon Crisp?" and come across these posts, and they will discover how this young man reached into the hearts of so many people.

Rest in peace, Brandon Crisp.

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